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How are you Trading Google? 4/18/2012

How are you trading Google? ┬áDid you profit from the downside? TheBrownReprt.com followers did! Click on the Video Below to find out how. Did you make money on Google’s decline? We did. http://youtu.be/XLLS6595xIQ Advertisements

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Do you see what I see? S&P XLF and the QQQ

Are you Drawing your Lines on these major indices? Click on the you tube video analysis below.

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Where do we stand with these: BEN, BAC, AMZN, BIDU and more

 This video includes a follow up to many of the stocks we have been following. Click on the You Tube Video Analysis Below

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Channeling Stock Watch – Spot the Box

Here are two channeling stocks to put on your watch list and if nothing else paper trade. This blog will be brief, see the previous blog “channeling stocks” to get a more in depth understanding of this analysis. Baker Hughes … Continue reading

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Spotting support & resistance will pay you well!

Chart reading and investing go hand and hand like School & Text Books. You wouldn’t study for a test without reading the text book and reviewing your notes? The same is true in the market, if you are trading without … Continue reading

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